Though I have written on a variety of topics, from travel to parenting to social issues, my passion is writing about people; specifically, profiles and biographies which explore the motivations and character of both ordinary and extraordinary people.

A native of Los Angeles, my writing career began 20 years ago, publishing dispatches in my college newspaper from London, where I lived as an exchange student. After graduating with a B.A. in Journalism, I briefly worked in public relations before moving abroad once again with my husband to Hong Kong, where I lived for three years and worked for NBC. After returning to Los Angeles in the mid-1990s to raise my two children, I then embarked on a freelance writing career, publishing articles and op-ed pieces in the Los Angeles Times, LA Parent Magazine and various other publications. My passion for helping children led to my collaboration with Lou Dantzler on our book, A Place to Go, A Place to Grow: Simple Things That Make a Difference for At-Risk Kids, published in 2006 by Rodale Press.

My writing style, which has been described by editors and publishers as "engaging and vivid," and "moving," is complemented by sharp editing skills, as well as a keen eye for a good story, which I have put to use collaborating on various projects, including, Promises, Promises: My Stream of Unconsciousness, by Steven George and Making the Connection: How the Impact of Hispanics is Impacting Politics, by Leslie Sanchez (Pallgrave/Macmillan, 2007), among others. I enjoy both shaping a rough manuscript into a compelling narrative with a solid story structure as much as I enjoy the research and collaboration of the ghostwriting process. In addition, my marketing and public relations background gives me particular acuity in determining what will make a story successful in the marketplace.

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A Place to Go, A Place to Grow: Simple Things That Make a Difference for At-Risk Kids, by Lou Dantzler and Kathleen Felesina, Rodale, 2006. Foreword by Magic Johnson.

Though I enjoy working on all forms of non-fiction, the types of projects I am most passionate about are biography, memoir, child-rearing and topics dealing with political and social issues. I enjoy working with celebrities and political figures, yet I am also inspired by ordinary people with extraordinary stories to tell -- people who have overcome terrific odds to achieve their dreams -- and I delight in crafting the right narrative to best tell their stories.

A Place to Go, A Place to Grow,
by Lou Dantzler and Kathleen Felesina (foreword by Magic Johnson):

From Publisher's Weekly:
"A moving success story...Dantzler's personal story is every bit as compelling as the stories of children he's met and helped."

From Library Journal:
"(An) inspiring and motivational story...Descriptions of colorful characters and gritty details about gang life enliven the text. This book is recommended."

"An inspirational history."

From Women's Health Magazine:
A Place to Grow
WH senior editor Leah Flickenger supports kids
South Central Los Angeles is rife with violence and drug peddling. For 40 years Lou Danzler devoted his life to keeping local childern off the streets. And to date, more than 30,000 at-risk kids have benefitted from his organization, Challengers Boys & Girls Club. Danzler passed away unexpectedly in July, but Challengers is still going strong. Read his story in A Place to Go, A Place to Grow ($25 To donate, go to